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Cardiprin 100
(ASPIRIN 100mg & GLYCINE 45mg)

Preventing strokes and heart attacks

Please read this leaflet carefully before you take this medicine. If you are unsure about anything ask your pharmacist or doctor.

What causes strokes and heart attacks?
As we grow older, our arteries tend to narrow as fatty and fibre-like material build up on the inner walls. If an artery gets sufficiently narrow, a blood clot may form and block the artery.

If this occurs in an artery supplying blood to the heart muscle, it will restrict the heart's supply of oxygen, causing angina (a crushing chest pain) or a heart attack.

How can Cardiprin 100 help?
Cardiprin 100 reduces the stickiness of platelets (the clot-forming part of blood), making them less likely to form a clot and helping to prevent blocking of blood vessels.

Each tablet contains 100 mg of aspirin, a low dose shown by medical studies to effectively lower the risk of stroke and heart attacks .

Cardiprin 100 has also been specially formulated to dissolve on the tongue for rapid absorption. Some scientists believe that aspirin which is rapidly absorbed may be more effective in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

Adult dose: One tablet daily.
Children: Not recommended for children and teenagers.

How often and for how long should I take Cardiprin 100?
Because your body makes new clot-forming platelets every day, you must remember to take Cardiprin 100 on a daily basis. Cardiprin 100's calendar pack is designed to help you remember your daily dose.

Simply disperse the tablet on your tongue without water. It is pleasant-tasting and easily swallowed. Or, if you prefer, you can swallow your Cardiprin 100 tablet whole with some water.

Your doctor will advise you on how long you should continue to take Cardiprin 100. Make sure you see your doctor at regular intervals and discuss any questions that you may have with him or her. Cardiprin 100 should only be taken under medical supervision.

Cardiprin 100 is available in packs of 30s & 90s tablets.

What else can I do to lower my chances of heart disease and stroke?
There are a few things you can do to further lower your risk of heart attack
and stroke while taking Cardiprin 100.
1. Have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.
2. Don't smoke.
3. Maintain a normal weight.
4. Exercise on a regular basis.
5. Reduce your intake of fatty foods.

All medications can cause side effects. If you have a history of heartburn or ulcers, you may find that Cardiprin 100 affects your symptoms. If this occurs, consult your doctor.

You should also avoid taking Cardiprin 100 if you are allergic to aspirin or if you are using medications such as anticoagulants or gastric irritants. You must also stop taking any form of aspirin one week before you have surgery. If you have any questions at all about using Cardiprin 100, make sure you speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Aspirin may rarely lead to nausea, abdominal pain, tinnitus headache, which usually indicate an overdosage. In certain rare cases any of the following may occur: gastrointestinal haemorrhage (with black stools, vomiting blood), cutaneous eruption or episode of asthma, but this is unlikely at low doses such as that provided by Cardiprin 100.

Blood tests should be undertaken to determine appropriate treatment.

Depending on blood levels, symptomatic treatment may be sufficient. Initial gastric lavage may be required.

Keep all medicines safely away from children.
Do not use after the expiry date (EXP month / year) shown on the pack.
Keep Cardiprin in a dry place below 25C.











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