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Colloid Capsules


What is Colloid capsules ?

Colloid capsules is the 1st plant derived colloidal mineral supplement in Malaysia which contains 40 health giving minerals in the most natural and organic state. It can be fully absorbed, utilized and stored in the body. There is no preservatives and synthetic substances added. Most of all, Colloid capsules comes from Shilajit, a unique pre-historic plant deposit originated from Himalaya's millions of years ago.


Minerals - What are the ?

Minerals are elements that have many roles in the body's functioning. Apart from their well-known roles in the formation of strong bones and teeth, they also help to control the nervous system, fluid balance in tissues, muscles contractions, some hormonal functions and enzymatic actions.


Why minerals?

Minerals are everything.

They are conductors of the body's electrical current which is vital for the body function.

They act as catalysts and activators of most nutrients. Most vitamins cannot function in the absence of minerals.

A leading authority on minerals, Carlson Wade, tells us that minerals have the power to rejuvenate the

body, strengthen the nervous system, grow new hair, help form colour pigments, normalize heartbeat, help control blood sugar, boost immunity, provide energy, overcome fatigue, help cope with stress and aid in building a dynamic memory.

Minerals can help protect the body from pollution by toxic (heavy) metals and other dangerous contaminants.

Minerals are needed for proper food digestion and assimilation.


Am I having the right minerals?

There are three types of minerals. Turn over and read the label of your mineral supplement. Check whether you have the right minerals.


Elemental / inorganic minerals

These types of minerals are absorbed between 3-5% by the body if you are under 35 and drop to less than 1 % if you are above 50.

The minerals that are on the pharmacy shelves are in elemental form. They are found as powders and tablets. They are listed as carbonates, sulphates and oxides. In fact, many iron component in vitamins is iron oxide which is known as rust.

They are taken directly from the soil, shells, clay, limestones or rocks.


Chelated Minerals

Inorganic minerals that have been wrapped with amino acids or protein to enhance their bio-availability.

The chelation is to trick the cells into recognizing the protein and allows admission into the cells. Once it gets into the cells, the protein is digested and the minerals remain in the cells.

It can be easily recognized by the amino acid suffixes such as chromium picolinate or selenium aspartate.


Colloidal Minerals

Highly bio-available.

They are 100% absorbed by living tissue. Minerals are absorbed, assimilated, transported and stored in our body in colloidal state.

Both aspects of their size and carbon used molecular structure, are what makes colloidal minerals so highly bio-available and effective.

Colloidal minerals have a natural negative electrical charge. It can increase the transport and bio availability of other nutrients from food and vitamins and other supplements. Moreover, it can attract toxins and heavy metals from the body and flush them out.


Where do colloidal minerals come from?

There is a unique source of plant derived colloidal minerals that are the remains of a pre-historic plant deposit found in Shilajit. Shilajit originates from plants in the Himalayas millions of years ago and is made of complex organic and inorganic substance. It is reminiscent of a fossil that has undergone high amount of metamorphosis.


Colloidal Minerals come from Humic shale. What is that?

It takes 35 kilograms of humic shale to reach this concentration . 35 kilograms of this humic shale represents approximately half a ton of lush prehistoric minerals rich plants. Shilajit's high grade humic extract contains no less than 40 plant derived colloidal minerals that are 100% available to animals and humans.


Why colloidal minerals but not others?

They give you what you used to think you got from your vegetables. Our depleted soils have been strip mined for 100+ years. They no longer contain the minerals your body needs, nor do commercial fertilizers. Commercially produces synthetic fertilizers do not contain the full 70+ minerals that your body needs. As a result, many of us suffer from mineral deficient diseases.

They're in colloidal form. Predigested by plants, real plant derived colloidal minerals has the most absorbable nutrients you can get. At least 99% of it can be absorbed, as opposed to chelated (40-50%) or elemental minerals (3-5%).

They are found in nature's best balance. Most scientific studies isolate minerals and vitamins from each other in order to study and market them. However the minerals found in Colloid capsules are created by mother nature's laboratory, synergised

Most importantly, it comes from a unique, pure earth-based source. Almost all the minerals formulation found in the pharmacies are from inorganic sources such as clays, shells and limestones. They are processed to isolate the minerals for commercial use.

They are inexpensive 'preventative', while being rich in substance. 2 capsules a day contains more minerals that most people get in a week and each day will cost you RM1.50. What's your health worth to you?


I have a lot of fruits and vegetables each day, isn't it enough?

No matter how much we eat, we are still deficient in minerals. It only takes 3 to 5 years of using the same piece of land for it to be almost completely stripped of its minerals.


This is due to the modern farming techniques and policies, farmers cannot afford to crop rotate and leave their best growing fields to rest for the amount of time it would take for the minerals to return.


Are you aware that when whole wheat green is turned into white flour, it loses 60% of calcium, 40% of chromium, 68% of copper, 78% of zinc and 86% of manganese? Similarly, rice loses 26-83% and sugar loses 83-100% of minerals, present in the original state. What else is left in it? A very handful.


Commercially available synthetic fertilizers contain only - Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (NPK). This increases the yield and size of the crop. However the minerals have been robbed!

Our minerals in the soils are being depleted according to the Earth Summit Report (June 1992).

Continent % mineral depleted over the last 100 years
Africa 74%
Asia 76%
Australia 55%
Europe 72%
North America 85%

1    2











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