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My 60-year old mother has very dry, flaky and sensitive skin. Her doctor has advised her not to use any skin care products that contain fragrances and preservatives. can she use Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E ?

Pure Vitamin E is not only a good moisturizer for fast relief of dry skin but it also improves skin permeability to moisture and enables further hydration of skin. It helps to enhance the effects of other moisturizers when used concurrently. Therefore, this makes Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E very effective on dry and scaly skin. It is also fragrance and preservative-free therefore making it suitable for sensitive skin.


I have very dry and cracked lips and can hardly wear lipstick. Can I apply Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E on my lips ?

Many Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E users have tried using it on their lips before applying lipstick as well as at night after the removal of lipstick. Many have found it to be very effective in reducing dry, cracked and swollen lips. It is also encouraged that you avoid licking your lips as it causes more moisture evaporation from the lips and will make them dryer than before.


Natopherol DERMAL Skin defense-E contains Vitamin E in an oil form but my face is also oily, especially at my T-zone. Is it suitable for me ?

Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E contains pure Vitamin E, which when it is in its natural state it is in the form of oil. Although it is in the form of oil, it displays anti-seborrhoiec activity and is able to reduce facial oil secretion effectively, up to 73%( When used regularly, it will be able to reduce oiliness on the T-zone. For initial use, you need to only apply it sparingly and massage face lightly to promote better absorption.


I have red, inflamed pimples on my face, especially on the cheeks. Can natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E help ?

Pure natural Vitamin E as in Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E displays not only anti-seborrhoiec or anti-sebum activity, it also has anti-inflammatory effect and is capable of reducing redness and mild swelling around pimples. Do apply sparingly around the pimples twice a day for ideal results. If a topical antibiotic is required, apply Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E first after proper cleansing, massage lightly until it is well absorbed, then apply topical antibiotic lotion or cream over it.


Can I apply Natopherol Dermal Skin Defense-E on the laugh lines around my eyes ? I am worried that it is too oily and could cause oil seeds here.

By applying Natopherol Dermal Skin Defense-E sparingly around the eyes, many have found it to be helpful in improving wrinkles as well as reducing oil seeds. With its anti-seborrhoeic activity, Natopherol Dermal helps to reduce oil/sebum secretion from tiny pores around the eyes and clear blocked pores that were causing the oil seeds in the first place.


My work requires me to be frequently exposed to the sun. I have dark patches on my face. How can Natophrerol DERMAL Skin Defense-E help ?

Exposure to UV rays is one of the most common causes of dark patches or uneven skin tone formation on areas exposed to the sun, such as the face and arms. Free radicals generated by the UV rays affect the pigment cells and cause them to produce abnormally excessive pigmentation that turns into dark patches on the skin surface. Apart from regular usage of sunscreen daily, Natopherol DERMAL Skin Defense-E with pure natural Vitamin E helps to protect pigment cells from harmful UV rays and to improve dark patches. Moreover, natural Vitamin E also displays an SPF 2, which will effectively protect skin from low to medium UV rays exposure.


How long does it take for Natopherol Dermal Skin Defense-E to improve my dark patches ?

It all depends on how severe your condition is. If dark patches were formed due to over exposure to UV rays, then you would be able to see almost immediate improvement. The procedure would take about I to 2 months, with a twice-daily application and additional usage of sunscreen on top of it. If the dark patches are formed due to other reasons such as hormonal changes, medication, genetically inherited, you should also seek medical advice from a qualified skin specialist.


I am recovering from a bout of chicken pox. Can Natopherol Dermal Skin Defense-E help to quicken the would healing and prevent scar formation ?

Yes, Natopherol Dermal can be used and has been proven to effectively promote wound healing and prevent scar formation. Apply Natopherol Dermal twice a day on the dried wound, for about a month to prevent scars.


I just had a caesarean 3 months ago and I can feel keloid forming at the would site. Can Natopherol Dermal Skin Defense-E help to reduce the keloid ?

Once the operation wound dries up you can immediately apply Natopherol Dermal. It not only helps to promote wound healing it can help to prevent scaring and keloid formation. With twice a day application for about a month, Natopherol Dermal is also effective in reducing early stage keloid formation.











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