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What is DetoxiComplex ?

DetoxiComplex is a full body detoxification program that are specially formulated to help you drive out toxins and unwanted substances from the body and at the same time refueling it with essential nutrients to keep the body healthy and strong. With its patented formula, you can finally refresh and renew inside and outside after the end of the program.



Contains functional and effective natural ingredients.

Helps detoxify the Liver, Lymph and Kidneys

Eradicates Mycotoxins, Exotoxins, and Endotoxins

Easy to consume, tasty & nutritious blackcurrant juice

Full Body Detoxification


Functional and effective patented formula that DetoxiComplex contains:

Probiotics and prebiotics (FOS) that can enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients, helps boost the immune system.


Soluble and insoluble fiber that keeps digestive system healthy and function properly.


Indoor cultivation Ganoderma (magic mushroom) helps eliminate toxins accumulated inside body through intake of various western medication, antibiotic, pain killers and anti inflammatory medicines. It has strong detoxification effect to maintain body balance.


Organic Spirulina as one of the super foods that aid heavy metal detox for removing toxins such as mercury, and radioactive substances from the body. It also helps to reduce weight.


Psyllium husk promotes regularity and easy toxins elimination, reduce problems with diarrhea or loose stools, protect the health of the colon.


DetoxiComplex is

100% Natural & Safe: 100% natural ingredients, local and international recognized certificates obtained.


Effective: patented formula that specially formulated to systematically detoxify that produces the best results, fast results, smooth motion, without painful experience.


Convenience: Every sachet contains functional ingredients that ready for immediate consumption at anytime, anywhere.


Gentle & Comfort: No unpleasant experiences and discomfort during the whole program.


When DetoxiComplex is working ...

Detoxification is a very unique experience for every individual. everyone is encouraged to detoxify every month due to pollutions and chemicalized diet we eat every day.


In fact, every individual reacts differently during detoxification period. Some may experience several short-term unpleasant reactions but this is absolutely normal process because it is actually a sign that the body is dumping toxins into the blood stream for elimination.


But DetoxiComplex is a mild and gentle full body detoxification program which is formulated to help user to detoxify easily and refueling body with nutrients at the same time. at the end of the program, user will not only restore health but also feel rejuvenated and energized ! Many have reported weight loss after using Detoxification !


Can I lose weight on your program ?

Yes you can, many people have reported an average weight loss of 2-3 kg from this program. this is because people have known to carry up to 7-25 pounds of mucous, feaces and unwanted substances in the body. With full body detoxification, you can improve your digestion and absorption of foods, and at the same time less toxic storage.


Is fasting necessary ?

Fasting is not necessary during this program; in fact it should actually be avoided because it is unhealthy and dangeorus especially for one who suffers from hypoglycemia. However, you should eat light and stay a little bit hungry and drink plenty of water or fluid to aid detoxification.


How long can I see the result ?

Every individual is unique and react different, some people can see obvious result as quickly as few hours, others in 2-3days depending on the individual's health status.


Any side-effects ?

You may feel some discomfort due to your body will release built-up toxins and poisons during detoxification But DetoxiComplex is a mild and gentle full body detoxification program which is formulated to help user to detoxify easily and refueling body with nutrients at the same time.


Can I take other nutritional supplements while on DetoxiComplex ?

Yes you can.


What is the best time to consume ?

One sachet a day after meal is recommended for those who want to detoxify and stay fit. You can increase to two sachets per day if necessary for intensive needs.


Why isn't any bowel reaction ?

No worries as different people may react differently due to absorption capability of the body. You should continue the program and soon you will see result at the end of the program. It is vitally important to drink plenty of water as it will help to enhance the detoxification.











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