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VLS-chitosan-complex_1.jpgVLS Chitosan Complex

(LipoSan Ultra)


When you consume food with excessive amounts of calories and fat, they will be digested and stored in your body as fat deposits. VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is a patented formula, a powerful fat binder needing just 1 gram to bind and prevent the body from absorbing 50g of lipids (fat) including triglycerides and some amount of LDL (bad cholesterol). All in 5 minutes! This simply means that digested fat and bad cholesterol are not stored in your body, but can then be effectively expelled as waste, reducing its impact on your health.


What is VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) ?

Chitosan comes from chitin, the substance found in the exoskeleton of shellfish. In its powder form, chitosan can soak up fat from the digestive system where it is carried out of the body as waste. However, its efficacy was found to be inconsistent due to solubility rate, molecular weight and concentration.


This understanding resulted in liposan, an improved version of chitosan where 10% succinic acid is added to keep the chitosan content loosely bound to optimize its solubility rate and concentration rate. This gives liposan the ability to react with fat molecules in the digestive tract within 5 minutes instead of 2 hours with chitosan.


Look out for inferior products

Beware of cheap products in the market produced through questionable manufacturing processes where too much grinding of the chitosan compound is done to increase the density and concentration of chitosan/liposan per capsule. Over-grinding causes a dramatic reduction of average polymer molecular weight resulting in short polymer chain lengths that are ineffective in entrapping triglycerides.


Get assured quality from VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan ultra)

The liposan compound in VLS chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is manufactured through stringent quality control conditions to ensure the right density, concentration and dosage per capsule. This gives further assurance that its solubility rate is consistent, optimizing its fat-grabbing ability.


How does VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) work ?

The liposan compound gets ingested in the stomach where it forms a gelatin substance in reaction to the pH level. The liposan then binds with lipids (fat), particularly harmful triglycerides, as it enters the intestinal tract and prevents absorption of fat into the body.


How does the fat absorption with VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) differ from other chitosan ?

VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is rapidly soluble and acts quickly to bind and trap the fats and oils that you consume. This means you can take VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) before mealtime to bind fats and oils effectively. Generic chitosan products take well over an hour to dissolve in your stomach, making it inconvenient for the user. By the time generic chitosan is dissolved, much of the dietary fat would have already been processed and absorbed into the body's system.






Q : How much VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) should I take ?

A : One should take at least 2 to 3 capsules per meal or more if having a larger fatty meal.


Q : How often do I need to take VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) ?

A : VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is meal-specific, and should be taken with each fatty meal, normally lunch and dinner.


Q : How much weight can I expect to lose by taking this product ?

A : Although results will differ with different individuals, LipoSan Ultra 8-week human clinical study demonstrated a statistically significant 2.3 kg weight loss differential between test subjects taking LipoSan Ultra and those taking a placebo.


Q : Will I lose more weight if I take more VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) ?

A : Due to stomach volume, the most effective dosage is 1 to 2 grams of VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) per fatty meal, accompanied by 2 glasses of water. More than 2 grams will most likely result in some non-dissolved product, which will not absorb any additional fat.


Q : Since VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is made from shellfish, should I take it if have a shellfish allergy ?

A : The chitosan used in VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) has documentation that even persons hyper-allergic to shellfish have had no allergic reaction. The original proteins are removed during processing. Anyhow it is possible that you may have a reaction and, thus should take this product only under a physician's direction and supervision.


Q : Can I splurge, take VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) and still lose weight ?

A : VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is not a license to eat more fatty foods. VLS Chitosan Complex (LipoSan Ultra) is a safe and effective weight-loss agent when used in conjunction with a responsible diet and exercise program.











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