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Get rid of a runny nose fast

YOU may have heard of the old joke: If your nose is running and your feet smell, you must be upside down! But why does your nose run?

There are two main causes for having a runny nose. One comes from having an allergy and the other is caused by a weakened immune system. Most often that not, we tend to attribute a recurrent runny nose to an allergy.

Is it then possible to determine the cause of the runny nose? It is now possible through a German herbal combination of Thuja Occidentalis, Baptistiae tinctoriae and Echinaceae. This potent combination offers fast action in strengthening the immune system.

The next time you have a runny nose, take this unique German herbal combination at the first sign and you will see the runny nose dry up in two hours if it is a weakened immune system that you have. If you have an allergy, the nose will continue to run.

This simple test will guide you in treating yourself.

This unique German herbal combination has helped many who did not think they had a better option before. Many who think they have an allergy are recommended antihistamines which can cause drowsiness.

This product, however, has been prescribed by German doctors for more than 50 years, a testament to its effectiveness and safety.

Are there any signs to show that a person has a weakened immune system? Normally, those with a weakened immune system have runny noses at night or in the morning. This can happen on a daily basis.

Also, it is likely that their siblings also have the same condition, as it runs in the family.

Such individuals easily get a runny nose when cold air (the air conditioner, for instance) blows on them. When traveling, they may suffer from a runny nose during the whole trip. Many have overcome or managed their condition with a German herbal combination.

What if a person has an allergy? Allergies can be easily controlled by using antihistamines. If you are afraid of the drowsiness, take one which is non-sedating. Ask your pharmacist.

However, those suffering from allergies also experience a weakened immune system. That is why they often have infection of the sinus. You can recognize the infection by the greenish or yellowish mucus. This group of people are normally classified as suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Prevent the infection by taking antihistamines together with this German herbal combination at the first sign of a runny nose.

By strengthening the immune system, it allows the body to fight the infection and hence prevent the infection of the sinuses. Those who have suffered from chronic sinusitis for many years still benefit from this combination treatment.

Is it then possible to strengthen the immune system by taking vitamins and better nutrition to overcome these problems?

Vitamins and nutrition play an important part in building the immune system. This process may take months.

But our immune system is dynamic. It changes every minute depending on the circumstances.

It is a well-known fact that stress will weaken your immune system. It is during these times when you have a temporary weakened immune system that you need to have a fast-acting product.

Your runny nose is a sign of the state of your immune system.

For best effect, take at the first sign of a runny nose.


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