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The World of Back Pain: Solutions for Everyone

Back pain is all too common, even though you may feel like you're suffering alone. However, those who suffer from back pain are in good company. Even the stars suffer from this common ailment!

George Clooney and Jennifer Grey (among many other celebs) both suffer from chronic back pain, according to During the filming of "Syriana," Clooney tore the dura around the spinal column, causing him enough pain that he considered suicide. "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey suffered back pain for years after a car accident in 1987. These stars, though in terrible pain, still continued on to work and achieve success.

Tennis great Andre Agassi has a defect in the structure of his spine called spondylolisthesis which is a separation of the front part of the vertebrae from the back, according to WebMD. Not only did Agassi become a successful athlete (and celebrity figure) despite the pain, his mini-step style that came from his painful spinal flaw has been emulated by tennis players all over the world.

Ease the Pain

There are ways to ease the pain and strengthen your back without surgery. For many, back pain is transitory, disappearing in a matter of days. Unfortunately, there are some that suffer from lingering chronic pain. Knowing how to deal with the pain and stop it before it starts is the key to living a healthy pain-free life.

You may think celebs have it easier and have access to better care, but basic solutions are available to anyone who wants to manage their pain. Before you decide the best way to take care of your back issues, consult a doctor and assess the severity of your pain. If it's a major issue, simple pain management may not be enough.

How Much Is Too Much

When going to a doctor, one of the questions asked about pain is to rate it on a scale from one to 10. Pain is very subjective. What is agony for some may be daily life for others. Back pain can range from muscle aches to an inability to move your legs. The Mayo Clinic recommends seeing a doctor if the symptoms do not significantly lessen within 72 hours or if there is associated weakness, numbness or swelling. For those first three days, bed rest and ibuprofen are suggested. Also cycling between icepacks and heat every 20 minutes may help to reduce inflammation and keep the muscles from stiffening up.

Downward Dog To Release The Pain

According to a study featured on, yoga is an alternative way to treat chronic back pain. The study reports that after only seven days of intensive yoga patients with chronic back pain had better spinal flexibility than those undergoing physical therapy. Yoga therapy can go a long way in strengthening an injured back and staving off the surgeon’s knife.

Celebs love yoga for many different reasons, one being that yoga poses condition different muscles and areas of the back. The cobra is a great pose for the lumbar area of the back. This pose has the practitioner lay face down and use her arms to push her upper body up while keeping the pelvis on the ground. Add to that the extended triangle pose, which involves you standing and raising one hand to the sky while the other grabs your ankle, and you have a solid combination of stretching and strengthening the lumbar muscles.


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The World of Back Pain: Solutions for Everyone


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