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The story of Ms M

A lady lawyer about 40 years old, afflicted by non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Sometime in June 1997 Ms. M was diagnosed as having lymphoma. After finishing all medical treatments she came to Cancer Care on 18 August 1998 and started on the Cancer Care Therapy. On 18 March 1999 we met with Ms M and documented her conditions on video tape. The following are excerpts of our conversation.

Question : What happened to you ?

Answer : I was diagnosed as having lymphoma two years ago. There was a conflict over the treatment I was to receive. One oncologist said I could be cured by radiation. A few others felt that chemotherapy was the best solution. I opted for chemotherapy.

After my first dose of chemotherapy, my entire digestive system was badly affected. I spent two weeks in hospital, dosed with morphine. They could not discover why I was reacting that way.

Question : Why were you on morphine ?

Answer : Because I was in pain. The moment I consumed food. I had very severe pain. I was lying in the hospital for two weeks until one day I went berserk because I had an overdose of morphine ... I was not getting any better. I have a nice surgeon who performed the operation and when he visited me I told him that I was not getting any better. He agreed that I did not look like I was. Do you want to be discharged ? he asked. So I discharged myself.

I went to a clinic that practised chelation therapy and the doctor asked me what sort of diet I was on.

I was told to stop taking solid food and to go on fruits, vegetables, semi-solids and fluids. Within two days on the recommended diet, the pain was gone.


Question : Did you take any other medication ?

Answer : No. I was only on the diet, no medication whatsoever. I was on fruits, vegetables and semi-solids. Within a month, my digestive system was back to normal. After that month, I had to decide whether I wanted to go back for my next course of chemotherapy. I was really afraid of even considering chemotherapy. The doctor thought that it was best that I went back for radiotherapy. The doctor thought that it was best that I went back for radiotherapy. I went for 30 cycles of radiotherapy and then an extra five cycles.


Question : You stopped chemotherapy totally ?

Answer : Yes. I did not want any chemotherapy. the radiotherapy was done five days a week, continuously.


Question : After the radiation, what happened to you ?

Answer : Comparatively, I handled the radiation quite well. After radiation, I was sent for a scan and the doctor said there was no evidence of cancer. That was it, I thought that was the end. I never even conceived that the cancer coming back again. I thought I was cured. Exactly a year later, I had a relapse of the lymphoma.


Question : After the radiation, you thought you were cured. Did you go back to your old diet ?

Answer : Yes, I went back to my old lifestyle. I forgot about the fruit juices.

I had a relapse of the cancer, this time in the abdominal region. There was no pain, but a feeling of uneasiness in the abdominal region. I was sent for a CT scan. They detected tumors in the abdominal region. The doctor said radiation was out. I went for six cycles of chemotherapy. The problem I faced during the chemotherapy was that after each session of the chemotherapy, even for the first dose, my white blood count used to drop to 0.7 .... really rock bottom.

Each time my blood count went down, I was in the hospital for at least five days. I was given a series of injections to boost the blood count. The chemotherapy I had was one session every three weeks.

After six sessions of chemotherapy, I went for a scan. There was no sign of cancer. I was alright.

However, I was feeling lost again after the chemotherapy. There was a fear in me, like what would happen if the cancer came back. It had come back the previous time. Would there be any drug or anything that I could go on taking that could keep the cancer at bay ? the doctor said there was really nothing that I could do. Go for a check-up, look out for signs and if there was anything, go for a scan.


Question : Did you go for a check-up regularly ?

Answer : Yes. Firstly, it was every month. Then every two months.


Question : Why then, do you go for the herbs ?

Answer : As I said earlier, after the chemotherapy that is the end of the road. Medically, they have nothing else to offer you. When I was in the hospital I heard patients talking about the rodent tuber. But nobody had really tried it out. So, I told my self that if medical science had nothing to offer me after this, the only other option available to me would be to move to Nature. I had this feeling in me -- we are so busy trying to develop things to cure ourselves that very often we overlook that the answer to all our cures is actually out there in Nature.


Question : When you came to see me, were you feeling alright ?

Answer : No, when I came to see you, I had just finished my six cycles of chemotherapy and I was feeling very weak.


Question : When you first started taking the herbs, what was your initial reaction ? Were you sceptical about it ?

Answer : Quite obviously, I was a bit sceptical. But at the same time, I thought it was my only hope. When you have an illness like cancer you would grasp at any straw that is being held out to you.


Question : After taking the herbs, did you find confidence or get any help at all ?

Answer : As time went on, I could actually feel my body recovering much faster. I felt much better. I was healthier and much more alive. I used to be half-dead.


Question : Do you really feel better or is it just a placebo effect ?

Answer : No, no, no. I could really feel my body responding. for one thing, I could really feel, I had more energy. when I was undergoing my chemotherapy, and when I had finished my chemotherapy, there were times when I feel like I did not want to get out of my bed. I just got up to eat and then went back to my bed again. But after taking the herbs, I could feel myself building up energy and I was more active. And right now, I am healthy enough and I have even gone back to work.


Question : Before you took the herbs and while you were on medical treatments, did you go back to work ?

Answer : No ....... for seven months.


Question : When you were on the herbs you began to pick yourself up ?

Answer : Yes, I had more energy. I was more alive and hope started to build up. It affected me psychologically as well. I began to feel I was getting better. I went back to life the way it should be instead of just lying in bed. So, I started work and I am back full-time.


Question : How many months have you already been on the herbs ?

Answer : About six months.


Question : What about your diet ?

Answer : I am more of a vegetarian now, I keep off red meat and sea food except for fish. I eat fruits and vegetables.


Question : Some people say that if I cannot take my favorable food, life is not worth living. What is your comment to that ?

Answer : What I have to say to those people is, life is worth more than your favorite food. It is a very small sacrifice to make. Life is much more that just food.


Question : You were a meat eater before and now you are a vegetarian. Many people say that if you don't eat meat, you have no strength. What have you got to say about that ?

Answer : No, not really. In fact, I feel much healthier now that I have cut meat out of my diet. I have not lost energy at all.

** On the subject of spirituality, Ms. M has this to say **

Many people are sceptical about God.... You ask a lot of people and they say they do not believe in God. But one thing I do know. I noticed that what really helped me out, apart from the diet and the herbs were religion and prayer. They gave me a lot of inner strength and belief. I found that it made a world of difference when I started praying. Before, I wasn't an atheist, nor was I praying regularly. At times when I hit a real low, I would pray and I would meditate. That really helped to alleviate me out of my depression. Sometimes, I find the relief quite instantaneously.

Question : What kind of relief ?

Answer : When you are talking about depression. It just hits you. When I was undergoing chemotherapy and my blood count dropped. I would be so listless, I could hardly eat anything. i had a feeling that I was not going to make it.

It was then I started going into prayer and meditation. when I finished I was more calm and the "I am not going to make" it feeling wasn't there anymore. You feel that you can handle this kind of thing.


Question : You have been taking the herbs for the last six months. Do you find at any one time during this period that you feel depressed and that you are not going to make it.

Answer : No.


Question : You are confident that you are going to go through it ?

Answer : Yes.


Question : Do you go for your medical check-up ?

Answer : Yes.


Question : So far so good ?

Answer : Yes. I told my doctor that I was on herbal treatment, meditation and prayer. And during the last check-up, he asked me if I am still on the herbs, prayer and meditation ? I said, yes, very religiously. And he just laughed !


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