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CAN you remember when was the last time you visited the comfort station for a much-needed bowel movement? Does the extra pounds bother you? Always exhausted no matter how much snooze you try to capture every night ?

Life in the working world is not easy. Late hours, stress, irregular meals and unhealthy food choices all contribute to the way we look and feel. Most the time, we end up putting food in our mouth that does not do much good for our health, out of convenience and impulse gratification - for example: fast food.

For the majority of us, our body has been going through endless bouts of battle with the toxins we ingest. Of course, the end result manifests in many ways, the classic ones include constant constipation, unexplained fatigue, gaseous and bloated tummy, rise in body weight, indigestion and nervous tension.

Food Therapy to the Rescue

Never has there been an epoch in the history of mankind where food is found in such abundance on this planet. It is hard to avoid food you have grown to love sometimes. Hence, incorporating the wisdom of ancient knowledge on food therapy ( a field dedicated to the use of herbs, fruits and vegetables to help prevent and maintain one's well-being ), Dr Liu Zhe Feng, a practising Chinese physician, herbologist and an authoritative figure in the practice of food therapy, has created an almost radical eight-in-one 100% natural detox pill, marketed by Total Image, that will put all your misery in the past.

Using ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract; Fructus Garcinia Cambogia Extract; Folium Cassia Angustifolia; Radix Et Rhizoma Rhei; Radix Pueraria Lobata; Folium Camellia Sinensis Extract ( Oolong Tea ); Semen Cassia Obtusifolia; and Pericarpium Citrus Reticulata ( Mandarin Orange Peel ), Dr Liu has designed a wonder detox pill that helps flush out impurities in our body through various pathways.

"Whether we like it or not, we cannot avoid not having toxins in our internal system as they come from various sources, like byproducts of metabolism and the pollution we face everyday from the food we consume and the air we breathe to the water we drink.

The secret to health is how we could accelerate the process of which those unwanted toxins are eliminated or how we could enhance the efficiency of our body's own detox channels," explicated Dr Liu in detail, on the urban way of life.

Give Your Body a Hand

There are many detox products in the market, but not many may help wash out undesired toxins through the large intestines, the liver, pancreatic gland channel, the mouth, urinary tract, respiratory passage, the skin and our blood. The uniqueness of Total Image's latest detox and slimming product is that it synergistically blends the positive physiological effects of all the eight natural ingredients to deliver a constant cleansing action for up to 10 hours after consumption.

With continued usage, one usually observes more frequent and greater ease in defecation, lesser breakouts, slimmer and flatter mid-section, feel more energetic and experience gradual weight loss, when accompanied by adequate rest and exercise.

The product works by inducing bowel contraction in the colon and halts fat absorption, while maintaining nutrient absorption in the small intestines. It also helps speed up fat burning, strengthens the kidneys, promotes the secretion of pancreatic juice, assists in dispelling excess cholesterol and imparts crucial phytonutrients with antioxidant effects for a complete internal overhaul.

How Do I Get Started?

"The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily after lunch. You will start feeling lighter and your pants will get looser after consuming this product for three weeks.

Noticeable weight reduction can be achieved by continuing consumption for another two weeks ( a full course of five weeks ). You are encouraged to complete three courses to experience the full extent of this product's remarkable detox and slimming effects," said Dr Liu.

The decrease in body weight comes about as a "side effect" from the detoxification process, when fat formation and absorption is significantly reduced. Research has proven, the active ingredient, Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), from one of the ingredients in the product - Fructus Garcinia Cambogia Extract - may reduce fatty acid formation from 40% to 70% in eight to 10 hours after a meal. Researchers in Europe and America have also acknowledged HCA's ability to reduce appetite and calorie intake, revs up fat burning and helps exhaust fat stores in the body !

If you have not tried this product, why not give it a try. It is made of 100% herb-based and safe for consumption. Do not let an unhealthy body weight continue to bother you, when a solution is in sight.

Gather some courage and persistence, a new you is coming soon.


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